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Seal Coating

Cement Floor

Extend the Life of Your Asphalt

Seal coating is necessary to protect and prevent your driveway/parking lots from gas, salt, oil and sun damages. Without proper care, every driveway / parking lot will begin to deteriorate. Seal coating slows down further damage and deterioration. Maintaining a regular sealing can greatly reduce expensive repair or costly replacement of asphalt pavement.

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Our Process
Experience Superior Seal Coating and Striping with Our 3-Step Process
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Step One

We clean the surface of your driveway or parking lot to assure adhesion of our product directly with the surface. We sweep the area of debris, burn away any weeds or grass which will uncover any cracks or holes we will need to fill plus any other asphalt problems. We take great care to make sure our seal coating products completely cover the area (and only that area – not any of your lawn or grass) by starting with a completely cleaned surface.

Step Two

Master Markings specializes in our professional methods of careful application of our sealcoating product using SEALMASTER brand. This provides a coat of sealing material that is known for its longevity. It is lawn friendly and especially ideal for residential driveways. It does not leave mess on your grass and wall. We make sure that the area around your driveway is tar free. And if necessary, we hand apply our product to assure a clean finish to areas where we cannot spray.

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Step 3

We mark the area just sealed to prevent traffic and let the new asphalt “cure” and dry. We make sure you are fully informed and leave, giving you a Call Back to answer any further questions and make sure you are fully satisfied. We value our customers – let us know how we can serve you.

Cement Floor

Key Benefits

We use SealMaster Products – a very well known brand.

We clean the area first for the very best seal.

We hand apply if necessary to keep our product off your lawn.

Your valuable home or business retains its well kept property look and helps prevent any vehicle or pedestrian damage from open cracks or crumbling holes which could result in an insurance claim.

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Protect Your Asphalt: Contact Master Markings

Our team at Master Markings is dedicated to providing top-quality asphalt seal coating and striping services.  Submit an online inquiry today and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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