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Benefits of Line Striping Your Parking Lots

There’s nothing that warms the heart of a business owner, a pastor, or a teacher more than to see a full parking lot without a space to be filled. Whether your facilities see heavy traffic, or just your run of the mill weekenders paying a visit, it’s important to have your parking lot striped. Not only does line striping parking lots make them look more appealing, it provides a considerable guide that drivers can use to safely navigate the property.

Line striping parking lots is a fairly straightforward operation. It starts by cleaning the parking lot to ensure a clean surface for the paint to adhere to. From there, problems such as cracks and potholes should be taken care of. Many property owners also opt to apply an asphalt seal to help the surface retain its dark black texture and repel moisture.

At this point, your contractor will use a combination of large and small striping equipment and the lines will be marked in either white or yellow per your taste. Once applied, both yellow and white striping paint features reflective coatings and ingredients that make the lines easier to see in the evening and early morning hours. For added visibility, you can add hardened reflectors atop the paint. This is an ideal option for parking garages, low-light areas, and businesses in areas where heavy precipitation is common.

Additional benefits of striping your parking lot include making it easier to identify handicap parking spaces, numbered spaces, and visitor parking spots. These special features are applied using standard stencils which take but a few moments to place and paint. Not only are they easy to place, but the American Disabilities Act requires businesses and public facilities to clearly designate handicap spots. Thus, by stenciling these in, you’ll be in compliance with the law.

Over time, parking lot lines will start to fade under the withering assault of the sun. This means that you should plan to re-stripe your parking lots accordingly. It’s important not to wait to do this as faded lines can make navigation of your parking lot hazardous to visitors and customers.

Master Markings would be happy to discuss line striping parking lots around your property. We we will be happy to give you all the details and prepare an estimate for you to review.


ashphalt striping 1_edited.jpg

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