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Driveway Resurfacing by Master Markings

If you spot any cracks or chips in your driveway, you’ll probably want to get them fixed as quickly as possible. The longer you let them be, the worse the problem will grow. The last thing you want in your driveway is a giant pothole, after all. Not only could this damage your car, it could cause an injury if someone were to trip over it. Thankfully, you don’t have to tear out the entire driveway and have it replaced – you can simply resurface the driveway instead.

  • Preparing for resurfacing – The first thing that will need to be done is for the driveway to be cleaned off. A clean surface makes it easier to resurface. The driveway should be resurfaced on a day during which the weather is optimal – meaning you don’t want to resurface your driveway on a day when rain is expected.

  • Creating the mix – To create an ideal consistency when creating a concrete dressing mix, a 20-pound bag of dressing combined with 2.5 quarts of water should do the trick. The mix should be mixed using a drill motor and a heavy-duty mixing paddle.

  • Pouring the mix – Once the dressing is poured in the slab, it needs to be spread out immediately so that another batch of dressing can be made. It should be spread out using a flat hand trowel. The mix needs to be pressed down in order to ensure that every nook and crevice is filled.

  • Texturing – Once the dressing has been laid down, it’s recommended that you draw a push broom that contains medium-light bristles lightly across the damp dressing to create a textured surface. This will ensure that the driveway won’t be slick when it rains and that it will provide you with some grip to help reduce the risk that anyone might slip.

  • Drying – Once the driveway has been resurfaced and the dressing has been textured, you’ll need to leave it alone to dry. Depending on where you are living, this can take anywhere from a few hours to half a day.

  • Using a professional – While driveway resurfacing is a job that you might be able to manage, it’s a much better idea to use a professional. Doing it yourself is time consuming and could result in errors.

For more information about driveway resurfacing, be sure to contact us at Master Markings today.


ashphalt striping 1_edited.jpg

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