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How Long Does Sealcoating Last on Asphalt

An asphalt driveway that looks new is a wonderful looking and economical item for a residence or business. However, over time, that new looking asphalt driveway is going to start looking a bit worse for wear, and if you park more than one car or are running a business, you’ll start to see cracks and damage that are pretty unsightly.

That doesn’t mean it’s time for a new driveway though, and in most cases, sealcoating can help you fix minor to moderate problems and make your driveway look new again. Use this guide to help you learn more about the process and the lasting benefits of seal coating.

When it comes to determining how long sealcoating is going to last on your driveway, the biggest factor is exactly how old the existing driveway is. For example, a driveway that’s only a few years old can greatly benefit from seal coating, and the process can likely double the driveway’s life.

However, a driveway that’s considerably older – say five to six years old – may only get an additional two years out of the process because of existing, deeper damage to the base of the driveway. That doesn’t mean that sealcoating isn’t an ideal fix for older driveways, as it’s often worth adding an additional few years to the life of the driveway before replacing it. After all, sealcoating is a whole lot cheaper than a new driveway.

How Much Use Does Your Driveway Get?

If you have a standard residential driveway that doesn’t get tons and tons of use each and every day, chances are sealcoating can easily extend the life of your driveway a few years or more. On the other hand, if you have a commercial driveway where 10 or more cars come in and out each day, you’ll likely need to repeat the process more often and replace your driveway more.

In general, the more use a driveway gets, the more susceptible to damage it is, even if it’s been subject to the sealcoating process.

What’s the Weather Like?

Areas that get harsh weather require sealcoating more often and driveway replacements frequently. Sunshine and heavy rain or snow tend to crack and dry out asphalt, leading to necessary repairs much more often.

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