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Line Striping Tip by Master Markings

Line striping is one of the many services that we provide at Master Markings. There are a number of reasons why you should consider professional line striping in the parking lot of your property. The following are tips on why you need line striping:

  • Mark parking spots – Using line striping to mark the parking spots in your lot is important for a number of reasons. First of all, you are helping your customers to park by providing them with clearly marked lines to guide them in – allowing them to park in an efficient manner so that as many customers as possible will be able to park outside of your business. Secondly, marking your parking spots shows your customers that you care about their experience on your property. Thirdly, a property that does not have clearly marked parking spots does not look nearly as professional as one that does.

  • Mark fire lanes – Not only does marking the fire lanes outside your property help ensure that no customers block them – but it makes it easier for fire trucks to see them as well if they are called in for an emergency.

  • Mark handicap spots – Every property should have clearly marked handicap spots. This will ensure that individuals with physical impairments can easily access your property. Without clearly marked handicap spots, other customers without physical issues will park there, forcing those with physical impairments to park further away.

  • Improve safety – Painted lines will have make the parking lot more organized and therefore safer – especially if you paint stop lines, cross walks and no parking signs. This will make it safer for customers to walk from and to their vehicles and will also help to satisfy your Safety Issue, which could help to lower your insurance premiums.

  • Improve curb appeal – The look of your property is very important in attracting customers. It’s why so many businesses will invest in their landscaping by planting flowerbeds and trees right outside of the place of business. Line striping can also help improve your curb appeal. Not only does it make your parking lot more functional, it gives it more aesthetic value.

As you can see, line striping is something you definitely want to invest in for your property. For more information about line striping as well as our other services, be sure to contact us at Master Markings today.


ashphalt striping 1_edited.jpg

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