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Pothole Repairing for Commercial Lots

Potholes are something that you should try to avoid when possible, especially if you own a commercial lot. Usually this means making sure that you have your parking lot sealed and fixing any cracks or chips as they develop. However, if your parking lot gets a lot of traffic, then the development of potholes sometimes simply can’t be avoided. You’ll definitely want to invest in pothole repair as soon as possible.

Why Pothole Repair is Necessary

There are a number of reasons why you should have your potholes repaired as soon as you spot them. First of all, the longer you leave a pothole be, the larger it will most likely grow. This will only make it more costly to repair. Secondly, large potholes can be a danger to your customers. They could trip on them when crossing the parking lot, potentially injuring themselves on your property, which would mean that you would be liable. Your customers could also damage their vehicles driving across the pothole. None of these things are good for business. Last but not least, a pothole makes your commercial lot look like it isn’t cared for, which reflects badly on your business. Not only is it aesthetically unpleasant, it makes it look like you don’t care about the way you run your company.

Repairing the Potholes in Your Commercial Lot

We will fill any cracks or potholes before they get larger, sink into the ground or cause injury to your customers or damage to the vehicles of your customers. We will also assess your commercial lot if you spot grass beginning to grow through the asphalt. In addition to fixing the flaws in your parking lot, we can also re-seal the asphalt to help reduce the chances of damage occurring in the future.

Sealing Your Commercial Lot

Seal coating will help slow down damage and deterioration that occurs in parking lots due to general use, oil, salt, gas and sun exposure. After fixing any cracks or potholes, we will clean the entire lot to ensure the seal coating will stick.  We will then use our SEALMASTER brand to seal the lot.

Potholes are no good for your business for numerous reasons. Have them fixed as soon as you spot them. For information about our pothole repair services and our seal coating services, be sure to contact us at Master Markings today.


ashphalt striping 1_edited.jpg

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