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Understanding the Purpose of Sealing Driveways and Parking Lots

In gauging something’s value, it is important to consider both its usefulness to its owner and the period of time for which it can be expected to remain useful. This is important because most assets, including land improvements such as driveways and parking lots, become less and less useful over time until their usefulness comes to a final end.

As such, sealing driveways, parking lots, and similar land improvements is important because it extends their usefulness as much as possible. Although the exact chemical makeup is different from sealer to sealer, its main purpose remains much the same. In brief, sealing driveways, parking lots, and similar land improvements is performed to create a protective barrier that can keep the material of the pavement from coming into contact with harmful influences.

Harmful influences are both numerous and varied in nature. One common example is sunlight, which contains UV radiation that can cause petroleum products to become brittle. Likewise, other petroleum products such as gasoline and vehicle oil can cause the material of the pavement to react, thus changing the characteristics that make it useful. Even something as common as water can cause eventual cracks in the pavement by seeping through to the base.

Having a seal in place means that these harmful influences cannot penetrate to the pavement, thus inhibiting the rate at which it loses its usefulness. In effect, this means that sealing driveways, parking lots, and similar land improvements on a regular basis can extend their usefulness to the landowner by as much as 30 years. Naturally, this means that the pavement retains its beautiful and unbroken appearance for as long as possible, which is more important than it seems when it comes to the exterior of the home.

From a financial perspective, this is huge. If you are someone who has never bothered to seal your driveways, parking lots, and similar land improvements, you will end up having to replace them as soon as they approach the end of their usefulness. In contrast, if you intend to keep on sealing driveways, parking lots, and similar land improvements as soon as they need reapplication, you can delay redoing them for a long, long time to come. Since sealing pavement is cheaper than redoing it, the correct choice is obvious.

If you are interested in learning more about pavement sealers, please do not hesitate to contact us at Master Markings.


ashphalt striping 1_edited.jpg

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