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Cement Floor

About Us

Master Markings is a family business since 1997. Now serving the state of Virginia and soon expanding into all adjacent states to offer our experience, expertise, and excellent customer services.

We service all commercial, industrial, small business, strip malls, sub-divisions, apartment complexes, restaurants, hospitals, churches, parking garages, and residential driveways by offering asphalt seal coating, crack filling, and line striping pavement services.


We take great pride in providing our customers with the highest level of quality workmanship, integrity reliability.

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Protect Your Asphalt: Contact Master Markings

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Our Services
What We Offer in Manassas, Virginia and Surrounding Areas
Seal Coating

Seal coating is necessary to protect and prevent your driveway/parking lots from gas, salt, oil, and sun damages. 

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Crack Repairs

How long has it been since your driveway or parking lot was asphalt sealed? Is it beginning to have gaping holes or cracks?

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Line Striping

Master Markings is a full-service asphalt maintenance company that is here to provide you with a professional service of properly marking the parking lot.

Cement Floor
What Our Clients Are Saying

Master Markings was selected by our HOA to perform crack filling on 8 side streets in our neighborhood. They contracted to perform the job in three categories. First, simple crack filling for smaller cracks. Second, they filled larger cracks with an aggregate material and then filled over that. Third, for really large cracks, they milled out the area and repaved with hot asphalt. Victor and I walked the streets and agreed on which cracks received which treatment. He and his crew did a great job! Equally important to me was Victor's transparent communications with me during the job. I would recommend Master Markings for your HOA street maintenance.

Craig S.

Cement Floor
Expert Advice for Your Pavement Needs
News and Insights
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